Product Brochures:
These are low-resolution scanned copies of our printed brochures.
They may be downloaded as MS word documents, for viewing or printing.
You will need Microsoft Word97 and Windows98, or later.
When printing in black and white, or colour, use A4 portrait configuration, on a bubble-jet printer.  The results will not be of professional quality, but will be quite readable.  

You will also need 'WinZip', to decompress the files.  If this is not already installed on your computer, a free evaluation version is available here: 


       Portax Portable Pumps
       Lineshaft Turbine Pumps
        Axial Flow Pumps
       Gate Valves & Penstocks


  Click a heading to download a .zip file
Place the .zip file in a suitable folder on your hard drive, then right-click in Explorer and use WinZip to expand it into a Word (.doc) file.